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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 January, 2004, 18:33 GMT
Clinton 'sent only two e-mails'
Bill Clinton
Clinton was better at pressing the flesh than e-mail buttons
President Bill Clinton sent a grand total of two e-mails during his White House years, according to the Clinton Presidential Foundation.

His administration generated about 40 million messages - mostly memos and notes among aides and cabinet members.

Of the two Mr Clinton sent, one was a test to see if the president could push an e-mail button.

The other was addressed to astronaut-turned-politician John Glenn, according to the foundation's president.

Mr Glenn has the distinction of being the first American to orbit the Earth and the only person to receive an e-mail written by Mr Clinton when he was in office, Reuters news agency remarks.

He's not a techno-klutz
Skip Rutherford, Clinton Presidential Foundation President
The e-mail was sent with the help of White House staff to the orbiting space shuttle when Mr Glenn was a part of the crew, the agency says.

The message praised the veteran astronaut for his return to space after almost 40 years.

The head of the Clinton Presidential Foundation, Skip Rutherford, said the former president - who relished the chance to speak to voters - did not make time to send e-mails, even though internet usage exploded during his eight-year presidency.

"He's not a techno-klutz," Mr Rutherford said.

Then as now, Mr Rutherford added, Mr Clinton was more apt to write personal notes or telephone than communicate through e-mail.

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