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Monday, November 24, 1997 Published at 14:22 GMT


Luxor killer was 'wanted terrorist'

The Egyptian authorities have identified one of the men who took part in the attack on foreign tourists at Luxor.

They have named him as Midhat Muhammad Abd al-Rahman, allegedly a member of the military wing of the Islamic group, Gamaa't al-Islamiya.

Interior Ministry officials, quoted by the Egyptian news agency MENA, said that he was born in the central Egyptian city of Asyut but left for Pakistan in 1993.

According to the report, it was there that he associated with Islamic Group leaders who had fled Egypt and received his military training.

An Egyptian security source described Abd al-Rahman as one of the 115 wanted terrorists from the north-western area of the Afghan-Pakistani border region.

The official said he was on several Arab countries' "most wanted list."

"These elements lived among radical groups of Afghan refugees and later moved to the mountainous areas or inside Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan after the border areas fell into the hands of the Taliban movement," the source added.

The five other members of the group, all of whom were killed by security forces during the attack on the temple in Luxor, have yet to be identified.

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