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Tuesday, February 9, 1999 Published at 18:26 GMT


King Hussein: Your tributes

The person that can gather all these historical enemies in his funeral is undoubtedly great. May God have mercy on his soul.
Ramez Shehada, Egypt

Good and reputable leaders will always come and go, but their history will never diminish with the passing of years, decades, centuries and millenniums.
Mzukisi Pila Skenjana, South Africa

My family and I are shocked and grieved by the passing away of His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan. May Allah grant that his soul rest in peace.
Tunku Sofiah Jewa, Malaysia

Having worked in Jordan for the past 3 years, it was amazing to see just how much his people loved him. Having seen him perform his many duties and having met him, he seemed such a humble man. I am glad to have been in this country to have such fond memories. God Bless the new king and the rest of the Jordanian family.
Karen Clarke, Jordan

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I'm 15 and I know nothing about this man but the way people talk about him notices me he was a good man. God Bless him.
Enrique Aragón San Miguel, México

Such a big loss for the world, and hope that King Abdullah will follow in his father's footsteps.
Family Rappard, New Zealand

The world has lost perhaps the greatest leader of the second half of the twentieth century. A man who was prepared to go to extraordinary lengths in his efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East.
Robert Rogier, Indonesia

May the King's life reflect on us all that peace is truly worth fighting for.
Mikael Otero Rosa, USA

King Hussein was a great man, leader and father. He was well respected by his friends, foes and people who never knew at all. His charm transcended religious, ethnic, economic and political barriers. But he will not soon be forgotten. His legacy of leadership will live in our memories and hearts for eternity. May God bless his soul, his people and the Middle East peace accords.
Cordell Carter, USA

King Hussein embodied Martin Luther King Jr's philosophy that if peace is the end, violence is not the means.
Amy McIntyre Fraser, USA

If we had a few more good men like the past king the world would surely be a more peaceful place to live in.
Demetris Poupazis, Cyprus

King Hussein was a great leader for Jordan as well as wonderful role model and politician on the world scene.
Natasha Udu-gama, USA

I pray to God to grant the late king mercy and forgiveness, and to grant Jordan peace, prosperity, and tranquility.
Faisal Mohammed, USA

To me and a lot of people King Hussein was not only a King to us but a father that embraced his whole kingdom.
Dima Masri, Jordan

Rest in peace your Majesty.
Sereen Bitar, Jordan

King Hussein's death, although untimely, allowed for a most extraordinary gathering of friends and foes who could get together, if only briefly, to pay their respects to a tireless peacemaker. My 'adopted' region is safer for his having lived, but more dangerous because of his death. He left a void that will not be easily filled.
Jennie Townsend, Dubai, UAE

With him war has not broken out in the Middle East. Without him, I fear for the worst. He was unique in the region. My sympathies to his family. May his son have the integrity, honesty and concern for peace, as his father had.
R A Fish, USA

A unique leader who knew the exact meaning of a very simple word:peace-shalom-salaam. May he rest in peace and illuminate his son to continue his wonderful path toward peace.
Celso Zilbovicius, Brazil

The world witnessed yesterday how a nation mourns a great leader. I don't believe that anyone could have gathered that many world leaders and dignitaries in one place like our beloved late king did. HM King Hussein was truly loved by everyone for his compassion, kindness and humility. He shall always remain in our hearts and may God bless our Hashemite royal family.
Samer Judeh, Jordan

In these times, it is rare to see a man whose love for all people is greater than himself. The world has lost such a man. Rest in peace.
Peggy Burleson

The King's courage in the face of danger, especially during his battle with cancer will never be forgotten.
K B Spillman, USA

As one of the Middle East's most gifted leaders, King Hussein's brand of leadership was unique within the Arab world. His extraordinary charisma and strength allowed him to withstand pressure both from Washington and the hard line Arab rejectionist community. At the same time he maintained political equilibrium in Jordan, an amazing feat in itself. Those who crave equity and peace in the Middle East will badly miss King Hussein's steady hand.
Timothy Brown, USA

Sadness befell the world yesterday. A great man has gone and left an empty place to be filled so that the peace process won't fail.
Guido Hamacher, Germany

A fine and upstanding man. The world is a poorer place for his passing.
Peter Button, Japan

Although I did not know that much about Hussein, he did emit a charismatic aurora of peacefulness around him and it was clear to me that he was a beloved world leader.
James Willett, Korea

Though I am not a Jordanian subject but I feel strongly the sadness of the Jordanian people at the passing of their beloved King and a genuine crusader for peace in the Middle East.
Weil Chua, Singapore

Old soldiers never die: they simply fade away. Farewell, my friend, farewell...
F. al-Qureshi

God bless your soul and gain the endless merciful paradise.
Maamoun Jebarah Zarqa, Jordan

Our families grieve with you during your time of sorrow. King Hussein was a man who showed the world that peace could be met. His strength and compassion for mankind all over, not only in his land, will long hold his legacy. My family will keep your family in our prayers.
Dawn L Bothwell, USA

A very highly respected and honoured king, whose death has caused a big loss to the whole world. May Allah give him a special place in Heaven. A place that he deserves.
Simah Hussain, England

Rest in peace, as your good work will be admired through generations.
Sheikh Gaye, England

Over the rainbow, to the end, you found not a pot of gold, but love and peace and friends. May God be with you and may we draw strength and wisdom from all you did.
Wendy Radel, Australia

Such a great man who had such critical and valuable commitments towards the peace in the volatile Middle East states. He will be remembered by all and respected by people all over the world. My deepest condolences to the people of Jordan.
Alvin Ong, Singapore

I wish we had a leader that was even 1/10th as good and honest as the King. My condolences to everyone who knew him.
Bartley, USA

My deepest sorrow to the loss of King Hussein, he was a real politician. May Allah bless his soul and may Allah preserve all his royal family and my special tribute to Princess Rania, my ex-colleague at New English School, Kuwait ..... I hope you all the best and hope all your sorrow passes away soon to remember the father, the real man to JORDAN, the real man to all the Arab world.
Hala Al Hawary, Egypt

You lived in a most difficult time, made some very difficult decisions, and took great personal and political risks to do what you knew in your heart would make the best of a bad situation for your people, the people around you and the people of the world. May history show you the respect you deserve. May your people and your neighbors honor your memory. We have lost a rare person the likes of whom we may never see again.
George W. Capehart III, USA

People are not born, they are made. My respect for a man that fought for peace.
Fernando Gonzalez Saiffe, Mexico

To God we belong and to God we shall return. We have lost one of the greatest leaders of this time, God place him in Paradise, grant us the patience to cope with this tragedy, and grant his majesty King Abdullah the wisdom you have granted his father.
Fadi Shatanawi, USA

Today, the clouds of Jordan are dressed in black to mourn and weep the departure of a great leader. Their shedded tears, however, shall never console Jordan and Her people. If only there's something to soothe the pain. If only words could send him back again. Alas! Our leader has passed away.
Loaie Maraqa, Amman Jordan

He means the world to me, I never knew any leader but him, I would like to say to his holy soul please forgive us, you deserved more than we gave, you were a teacher and father more than a leader, I hope god bless your soul and gain the endless merciful paradise.
Maamoun Jebarah Zarqa, Jordan

In addition to the profound grief and sense of loss at the passing of a 'magnificent man', a father and a king, it is with great pride that we call ourselves Jordanians today. The world-wide reaction to his illness and passing shows just how spectacular a human being he was, and how he truly touched the hearts of us all. His gift was this pride. May God rest his soul.
King Abdullah and his brothers made the country weep with pride yesterday as he was sworn in to guide and protect Jordan. May God grant him the courage and the strength we know he has. We have every faith in him.
RGN, Jordan

Farewell Father. May you rest in peace assured that we, your children, will carry on with your legacy and, as you look down on us from the heavens, we will be building our better Jordan. May My King Rest in Peace. Long Live Abdullah, cub of Hussein.
Naim R. El-Far, Arizona USA

With deep sorrow and regret I send my deepest condolences to King Abdullah II and all the Hashemite family for the depart of King Hussein who had a very special place in all our hearts. May God have mercy on King Hussein, the father, the brother, the commander and the man. He spent all his life in serving our country with all his will and power. He paid a very expensive price for it, his precious health.
We, the Jordanians, are proud and will always be, to have had a king like him. We thank God that he gave us King Hussein, a king and ruler. We unite our voices with King Abdullah in saying that we shall preserve King Hussein's legacy in building and in giving, with all loyalty and sincerity, for the sake of Jordan, the dearest and the strongest, with all the strength and faith, in one rank, one heart and one family.
We give allegiance to our new king Abdullah II and promise to remain loyal to him as we were to his father, in obedience to God.
Lina Souan, Jordanian studying in Israel

No words can describe my sorrow and grief over the loss of one of the most respected leaders of the 20th Century.
Fadi Habbab, Montreal, Canada

Death usually brings awareness to the departed soul's achievements .Let us not despair but build upon a man's legacy which cuts across cast, creed, religion and self interest. God bless his soul.
M.P. Ramnani, Lagos Nigeria

This was a true gentleman in the purest sense of the word. A humanitarian, peacemaker, a credit to the world and the God that put him there.
Robert Moore, USA

The hearts of true Jewish people are shattered. We are mourning the loss of a king who stood far above controversy. King Hussein lifted the Arab and Jewish people to a level of understanding and need for peace. May his name be blessed and may the Great King open his heart for this earthly king who has suffered so much in his fruitful life. Amen.
Elisa Moscovici, Israel

A true king. The voice of the people is the voice of Allah (most high) and looking at the people of Jordan I can see that. From Allah (most high) we came and to him is our eventual return.
May he rest in peace, and may his son carry out the peace process.
Azar Mohammed, Trinidad and Tobago, WI

I truly grieve with the people of Jordan. King Hussein was truly an honourable man, an honourable leader, and an honourable King. My condolences to his family, especially Queen Noor. The world will miss him. I can't think of anything else to say: words fail me....
Patricia Ann Richards, Canada

I believe the legacy of the late King of Jordan, Hussein Bin Talal, will never be forgotten. As well, his closeness to the Jordanian people will be remembered. Not long ago I had the chance to meet King Abdullah at the Chilean Embassy in Amman, and he left me with the impression that he will follow in his father's footsteps. On this day I wish to send my deepest condolences to the Jordanian nation.
TS Osvaldo Alvarez-Perez, Chile

So long to a great friend to all nations. Your presence will be greatly missed by all and never forgotten. I hope the world can learn from your efforts and achievements.
Gwyn Hopkins & Christine Tait, UK

King Hussein was an outstanding human being, and we are all privileged to have been alive at the same time as him. His unique qualities were in large part due to his ability to cross both cultural and religious boundaries and see the common humanity in everyone he met.
It is only in the future that we will be able to assess what a loss his early death is to the Middle East and the wider world in which we all live.
May God welcome him home and send comfort to his grieving family.
Mary Picton, UK

The real sadness expressed by so many Israelis is the genuine sign of Hussein's main legacy - PEACE.
YZ, Israel

One of a handful of men who could and would have ruled the whole world properly; no corruption, no power craving, fairness in all matters with all people - a truly, truly great man for which the whole living world should pay homage and be grateful that we lived in his time. God rest his soul and keep him safe for all eternity.
Adrian Coppin, UK

No words can describe my sorrow and grief over the loss of a friend and father for the whole Arab nation and someone who will surely be missed in the peace process(es) in the Middle East. We will never forget King Hussein. He will never die. He will live forever in our hearts.
Mohammed Abdelzaher, Egypt

I have just returned from Jordan, a beautiful land made peaceful, cultured and prominent by the wise and gracious King Hussein. He will be be deeply missed by all who seek enlightenment and co-operation. My deepest condolences to Queen Noor, King Abdullah and the Jordanian people.
Andrew Lowe, UK

King Hussein was a great man, and we shall all miss him.
Mohammed Aamir, UK

We mourn the death of a great man, but in his wake peace lives on.
Arif Mahmood, UK

The lion sleeps. A grand and great leader of a wonderful nation has passed. We mourn with our Jordanian brothers. Praise be to God.
Tim Prescott, USA

He was great leader, for Jordan and all Arab world , and may God protect our new King , God save King Abdullah , which all Jordanian will support him.
AL-Sharif Emad Hassan, UK

Loss of a great leader will still be felt by many for many years to come.
Y Kon, Singapore

A great leader who strived for long lasting peace and for the well-being of the people.
Liju K Philip, India

You were so sick, but you put others before yourself. You fought for peace. Inshallah, now you will rest in peace.
Moya, Mahmoud, Alia, Mohammed & Ayman, UK

I feel a great sense of loss. King Hussein was a great peacemaker and world leader. My sincere condolences to his family and country. I feel sure that his son will continue the great work of his father. Good luck and God speed to King Abdullah and his family.
Ann Ward, UK

A very sad day for global peace. He was a great man.
Tim Ellis, UK

You lived in peace, you shall rise again in peace.
Maureen M. McConnell, USA

A great man and a great King who will be sadly missed by all.
Graham Leach, Uk

I believe King Hussein was a great leader.
Carmen Galea, Malta

Go in peace.
Kate Alley, UK

The Death of King Hussein is a loss not only to the Jordanians, but also to the whole world.
Miriam Oliveras, USA

I believe the King represented the voice of reason in a world full of people who are not willing to reason with those they disagree. He will always be remembered as a peace maker.
Patrick Chege Kariuki, Netherlands

Just over a year ago, I was in Jordan and staying at Petra. Some friends and I got up before dawn one day and climbed up to the High Place to watch the sun rise. By about 9am, we had reached the abandoned tombs high above Petra in which a number of families now live. They have very few possessions - just their bedding rolls and a few cooking pots, but several women invited us to sit down on the ground outside their tombs with them and offered us glasses of tea. We looked in our bumbags for something to give them in return for their hospitality, and found coins, stamps and chewing gum and sweets for their children. I had two postcards of King Hussein and Queen Noor, which I gave to two of the women. They accepted them with shyness, but enormous pleasure and gratitude, each woman pressing the card against her chest and crossing her hands over her heart to show how much she loved the king. Then they took the cards inside their bare, dark tombs and proudly propped them up on ledges carved from the stone walls. We had no language in common, but from their actions it was clear how very much they loved and respected their king.
Ruth Ling, UK

I have fond memories of King Hussein as a remarkable leader and a very down-to-earth and friendly man. I first saw him in person when I was a cadet at The Citadel in Charleston, SC in the 1970's. He understood the rigors of military school life as he attended Sandhurst and he became an instant hero to our Corps of Cadets when he granted all those on cadet punishments or restrictions an amnesty. In the past few years he flew (as the pilot) his L1011 into Idaho Falls to take his family on ski trips to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He and his wife, Queen Noor, were most gracious and friendly and made an effort to acknowledge those who came to the airport to see them arrive. Always brave and smiling - how could one not help but admire this man! May he rest in peace.
Peter Matonis, Idaho Falls, Idaho USA

He is a real king. He led, during his life, his country triumphantly. What he tried to do during his life, he has accomplished in his death. He gathered the world, Arab and Israeli leaders together.
Rabia A Jalloul, Lebanon Dear fellow Jordanians. Sharing your grief with great sadness over our loss of His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, a man that even those of us who disagreed with, couldn't but love and respect, I pray for God to look over our people back home with eyes of mercy. May God rest our Kings' soul, bless our people and country, Amen...
Haitham Hawashin, Melbourne Australia

King Hussein was not just a King, he was a father for the whole Arab nation. His human touch will be immensely missed. God bless you King Hussein. Peace upon your spirit.
Ahmad Shikara, Aukland, New Zealand

More comments in a special edition of
Newstalk from the BBC World Service.
Read the transcripts and watch a video recording of the show

King Hussein was one of the greatest world leaders this century, by virtue of his wisdom and his dignity; by virtue of his struggle for peace and his efforts to lead others on the path to peace. His Majesty was a voice of reason, passion, and compassion in a world that is increasingly bare of those qualities.
Hussein I was the King of Jordan, but he was also a father to all who cherish peace, and justice, and hope. Jordanians are overwhelmed with grief, but people across the world who have never been to Jordan nor met the King feel a profound sense of loss, and cry like children.
World leaders come and go, but King Hussein will rightly long be remembered for his character, his stature, and his far-reaching vision. His Majesty once said that he wanted to be remembered as someone who had tried his best. He did so much, so much more than that. He will be deeply, profoundly missed. Sincere condolences to all Jordanians, who are now led by His Majesty King Abdullah, in whom King Hussein's spirit is very much alive.
Moses B Altsech, USA

I feel sorry for the death of King Hussein; the man who devoted himself to achieving peace and happiness for all the people in the Middle East. At the same time I am quite confident that the person who will rule my country, ie Jordan, is competent enough to continue the way that his father started.
Aymen Khaled Masa'deh, The Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan

As an Arab observer from the West, I will always remember King Hussein as the most educated and Intellectual ruler in the Middle East region. He spent his entire life working and striving for the best interests of his people. They were his number one priority. The genuine emotions of sadness and grief shown by the Jordanians say it all. Farewell to a great King.
Sajad Ukra, Switzerland

I cannot comprehend the enormous gap your death will make to the world in which I live. You were the epitome of grace, of majesty, and most of all as the respectable face in amongst so much tragedy and intolerance in the Middle East.
Brydon Nelson, UK

A man of great vision, an open heart and open mind. For all of us in Israel he was also a source of hope for a lasting peace in the Middle East - and although the day hasn't arrived yet, he did more than his share to bring it closer. In his life he was an example to us all, and in his death he will be sorely missed.
Moshe Carmeli, The Netherlands

Your Majesty King Hussein,
I can't find the right words to express our sadness and disbelief. You were a father to us all. You did so much for us. We will never forget you. We all loved you and we will do so as long as we live. Last summer, my 7-year old son wanted to meet you, today I am telling him all about you and about what you have done for us to make us proud of being Jordanians.
May the Almighty bless your soul. Rest in Peace Your Majesty.
Haitham, Hanan, Na'eem & Nadeen Yousef, UK

What a pity the rest of the great powers that be (so called world leaders) cannot find the courage to achieve half of what King Hussein did. What a peaceful world we could have if only for commitment and true courage. May King Hussein rest in peace and his family find comfort in the knowledge that he did what he could, not for himself but for his country and the rest of the world. I take great pride in the knowledge that I have lived in a time when the century produced one of the finest men on earth. Rest in peace.
Cheryl Klein, UK

The world is a sadder place without the presence of this great and humble man. He is a true symbol of peace and is now receiving the highest award for all his undertakings during his life. Let us not forget him.
Angela, Ireland

The perfect diplomat, calm and concise in all his wisdom. The peace process has lost its driving force and a courageous humanitarian.
Dr Martin Randle, Canada

Humanity has just suffered one of its worst losses ever. King Hussein is a character that we will definitely miss throughout the coming years, especially when we face the tough challenges that await us.
Whatever I write or say, it will not even remotely express my sorrow and sadness for losing one of the greatest leaders and fighters for peace mankind has known and will know. May you rest in peace, my king, my inspiration, my Jordan.
Raad Nimri, US

Eight years ago, as a thirteen-year-old, I lost my father. I have never thought that I would undergo the same feelings again.
Khaldoon S Qubain, US

King Hussein was a man of courage, dignity, and had a great love for his people. I am not able to describe my sorrow, May Allah bless him with kindness and courage to his son and relatives to bear this great loss.
Muhammad Tahir Jamali, Pakistan

He was a testament to all nations, large and small, rich or poor, that peace is priceless. He hasn't gone away, he is watching with a smile from up above, as leaders from all over converge onto one spot on the globe... this would make him proud.
Stacey Hanrahan, US

The King is mourned here, and he will be greatly missed. He was a visionary, and a brave peacemaker. Surrounded by countries, stronger than his, and opposed to his politics. He nonetheless made peace with Israel. May God bless him.
Helena Tenne, Israel

"Every man dies, but not every man really lives". King Hussein will always live in our hearts and minds as one who strived and fought for the rights of his people, and against the injustices in the region and the world. He was a man with a vision, and the courage to carry it. King Hussein: May mercy and peace be upon you.
Loay A Al-Kibsi, Yemen

It is times such as these that we Arabs finally unite, hand in hand, regardless of our petty feuds. It's moments such as this that we, the people of the world, come together to express our emotions. And it is only people such as King Hussein that bring out such emotions from within us. It is said that if Allah (God) is pleased with a certain servant of His, Allah will make the rest of His creation pleased with that servant, including his enemies. "From Allah we have come, and to Allah we will return".
Sufyan Al-Jeadah, Qatar

King Hussein was a man of great vision, a leader of his people and the people of the region with an immense courage and zeal to work for peace in a region characterised by instability and conflict. He will be remembered as a great soldier of peace.
Indra Mani Pandey, New Delhi, India

He was a totally unique individual that won admiration and respect in everything he did. Who ever wrote 'The sermon on the Mount' had him in mind when they said 'Blessed are the peace makers' He will be greatly missed.
Dana Al-mukhtar, Aukland New Zealand.

One of the heros in the 20th century he'll always be remembered as a peace loving human being may his soul rest in peace and we'll always love him
Susan Havelock, UK

May the world unite at the death of a wonderful leader and an honourable peacemaker. Only with unity may all King Hussein strived for be accomplished.
Saif Bonar, London UK

He will never die.He will live for ever in our hearts.
Shirley Baker, wu han China

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