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Gavyn Davies, former Chairman of the BBC board of governors

Gavyn Davies has resigned over Lord Hutton's report which criticised the BBC governors.

Lord Hutton said the governors were wrong to rely on the BBC management's assurances over the reliability of Andrew Gilligan's report.

They should have taken a more hands-on role in investigating whether Mr Gilligan's claims were well founded, he said.

If they had looked at his notes, the governors may have reconsidered whether it was in the public interest for the corporation to continue to defend its reporter, Lord Hutton said.

He acknowledged that Alastair Campbell had "raised the temperature of the dispute" and that the the governors were entitled to defend the BBC's reputation against claims of bias.

But this should not have prevented them considering whether other complaints from Downing Street were valid.

Mr Davies announced his resignation after the report was published.



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Their duty to protect the independence of the BBC was not incompatible with proper consideration (of) the government's complaints
Hutton on the BBC governors


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