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Seeking Asylum
Making an

and detention

Rights and

Leave to stay
Appeals and

Appeals and removals

If an asylum seeker has a claim rejected they have a right to appeal, which must be lodged within 10 days. Only a small amount of appeals are accepted each year with the vast majority being dismissed.

In 2002 an estimated 10,410 people were removed from the UK after having made failed applications for asylum.

Many people are quickly removed from the UK after making an in-port application.

'Safe third country'

This is because the government will not allow people to make a claim for asylum in the UK if they have travelled through Canada, Norway, Switzerland, the United States, the European Union or the 'accession states' waiting to join the EU (such as the Czech Republic and Poland).

They are removed on what is known as the "safe third country rule" and are encouraged to apply for asylum in the last "safe" country they travelled through.

In addition to removing people who have been turned down for asylum some schemes are available to voluntarily repatriate refugees who wish to return home but do not have sufficient money to do so.

Lunar House

A sign warns people against breaking into the Channel Tunnel in FranceEurostar terminal at London Waterloo
Top: Many asylum claims are decided at the headquarters of the Immigration, Nationality and Asylum department in south London. Bottom, left and right: People entering illegally via the Channel Tunnel risk breaking the safe third country rule.


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