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Gaza Strip: Key places

Click on the map to explore some of the key locations in Gaza as the Israeli authorities prepare to move settlers out.
Palestinian schoolgirls visit spot at Netzarim Junction where 12-year old Mohammed Al-Dura died in 2000 Clickable map
Netzarim Junction
The Netzarim Junction checkpoint controls the major north-south and east-west roads in Gaza. It has been closed for long periods since 2000, blocking the only direct route from south Gaza to Gaza City.

Located close to an Israeli settlement and Palestinian refugee camps, it has long been a flashpoint.

It was the scene of recurring clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinian stone-throwers early in the current intifada.

One resulted in the death of one of the uprising's best known victims. Twelve-year-old Mohammed al-Dura was caught on camera as he was shot in crossfire while cowering behind his father. How he died is still disputed, with Palestinians and Israelis blaming each other.

A barren, uninhabited junction near settlement of Netzarim
Also close to Palestinian camps of Nusseirat and Boureij
Israeli forces occupy well-fortified bunker set back from road
Army bulldozed junction after 2000 clashes


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