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Gaza Strip: Key places

Click on the map to explore some of the key locations in Gaza as the Israeli authorities prepare to move settlers out.
An Israeli teacher and her charges at Neve Dekalim, in the Gush Katif bloc Clickable map
Gush Katif
Gush Katif, on the south-west edge of the strip, is the largest bloc of Israeli settlements and home to more than half the 8,000 or so settlers in Gaza.

The 21 settlements take up about 15% of Gaza's land area, although this does not include closed military zones which Palestinians cannot enter. In contrast to the crowded, dusty streets of Palestinian areas, the settlements tend to be neatly laid out communities of suburban-style homes.

Considered illegal under international law, the settlements are major targets for militants. They are heavily fortified, surrounded by Israeli military posts and watchtowers. Gush Katif has faced numerous attacks from mortars and Qassam rockets.

Israel plans to remove all settlers and forces that guard them from Gaza, starting in August 2005.

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Building began in early 1970s, after Israel seized Gaza
Settlers live in guarded communities on about 55 sq km
Economies are generally based on agriculture
Settlers to be relocated to homes within Israel
Farms, factories also being left behind
Total cost of withdrawal put at $2bn


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