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1967 Middle East War

Syrian forces in the Golan Heights are defeated and a ceasefire is agreed

On the Syrian front, Israeli airborne brigades press on to capture Quneitra, 40 miles from Damascus, meeting little resistance.

Syrian defences collapse and the bulk of the Syrian forces withdraws eastward without engaging the Israelis. By 1430, Israeli forces have taken the Golan Heights.

Syrian units take up defensive positions along the southern approaches to Damascus, but Israel orders its troops to stop its advance.

The UN ceasefire comes into effect at 1830.

After six days of fighting, Israel's forces have captured the entire Sinai peninsula, the West Bank and Golan Heights. The territory under Israeli control is four times larger than it had been a week earlier.

By the middle of June, the number of Palestinian refugees in Jordan proper rises from 332,000 to 745,000.

The Arab countries involved in the conflict have not released official military casualty figures.

Israel says 776 of its troops died. According to the Associated Press news agency, about 11,500 Egyptian, 6,094 Jordanian and 1,000 Syrian soldiers died. Thousands of others were taken prisoner.


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