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banner image: Biometrics guide

Identification/One-to-many: Sample is compared to all biometric data saved in a system. It seeks to find an identity, rather than verify a claimed one.

Verification/One-to-one: Comparison of sample with previously enrolled template to determine if from same person.

Slaps: Fingerprints taken by simultaneously pressing four fingers of one hand onto a scanner.

False Acceptance Rate: Probability that a system will incorrectly identify an individual or fail to reject an impostor.

False Rejection Rate: Probability that a system will fail to identify a registered user.

Enrolment: Process of collecting a biometric, converting it into a biometric reference and storing it for later comparison.

Liveness detection: Ensures only characteristics from a living person can be stored, read or used.

Multimodal Biometric System: A system that uses two or more biometric characteristics or sensor types.

Facecheck system

Some systems identify subjects by comparing multiple files
Fingerprint scan

Fingers can be scanned individually or together as 'slaps'

Most systems require the subject to be present for enrolment


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