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ITV has been celebrating its 50th birthday. Click on the tabs to see its programmes for 23 September through the years.
Saturday 23 September 1995

By 1995, ITV was facing competition for viewers from satellite channels as well as the BBC and Channel 4. Saturday teatime viewing in London kicked off with US surf drama Baywatch, before the big hitters came along.

6.15 Gladiators
One of the 1990s' biggest TV series, Gladiators was inspired by the US series American Gladiators, and pumped up the glitz and glamour of the original action competition. Contestants had to do battle in a series of contests with the show's super-fit Gladiators, which for this series featured Olympic medallist Sharron Davies as Amazon. It ran for seven years before being pulled in 1999.

7.15 Blind Date
Midway through its 18-year run, Cilla Black's dating show was at the height of its popularity. Some 10 million people settled down tonight to watch Cilla do her best at matchmaking. To keep them from switching to BBC One for the National Lottery results, the winning numbers appeared on screen as they were announced. After a revamp of the show in 2002, Black left the series the following year.

8.15 Raise The Roof
Blockbusters host Bob Holness fronted this short-lived game show which offered a 100,000 house as its top prize. Viewing figures were not good - 6.1 million against 13.8 million for Casualty on BBC One - and the show was dropped after a single series.

8.45 News

9.00 40 Years of ITV Laughter
Denis Norden got his clipboard out to mark the network's birthday. 9.6 million people watched.

10.00 Film: Basic Instinct
Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas starred in the 1992 thriller.

12.15am The Big Fight
Boxing action from around the world.

Cilla Black

7.15: Cilla Black keeps the couples in line on Blind Date
Bob Holness

8.15: Bob Holness puts a home up for grabs in Raise The Roof


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