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Welcome to the Debt Test

Loans, credit cards, mortgage payments, bills - should you be worried about what you owe?

Our Debt Test will help you to find out how likely you are to have problems with your borrowing over the next year or so.

Just answer a few simple questions about you and your finances and we will

  • tell you whether you should worry about how much you borrow;
  • give you some tips on how to avoid debt problems; and
  • help you to tackle your debts if you are in trouble.

Everything you tell us is completely confidential - we won't see any of your information or pass it on to anyone else

Click START to begin the Debt Test.

More about the Debt Test

The Debt Test tells you how you would appear to a credit rating agency. Your results are only an indicator, not an exact prediction, so you should not take any decisions based solely on your feedback.

Your feedback is based on the information you give today about your current financial circumstances. Everyone's situation is different, so some of the suggestions we make might not apply directly to you. You may need to adapt them to fit your own circumstances. And, remember, it is a good idea to review your finances from time to time, especially when your circumstances change.

The Debt Test aims to give you some information to help you identify your financial needs and make your financial decisions. It does not provide financial or other professional advice. If you want advice specifically tailored to your personal circumstances you should consult an adviser.