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Breadline Britain
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Breadline Britain
Below breadline

Pioneering social scientist Seebohm Rowntree followed in the footsteps of his father, Joseph - founder of a research charity - who examined a number of social issues, including "pauperism".

In a series of reports Seebohm looked at the plight of the working class in York and found that nearly a third of people earned too little to afford to buy a basic basket of goods (see opposite).

Rowntree's findings altered the poverty debate.

Poverty was increasingly seen as being caused by economic factors.

Easing these factors became the objective of policymakers.

Selection of Rowntree's basic basket of food
1 Milk (2-4 pints)
2 Bread (5-6 lbs)
3 Coffee/cocoa
4 Porridge (10 pints)
5 Margarine (2-4 oz)
6 Pease pudding (1-2 lbs)
7 Tea
8 Cheese (12 oz - 1 lb)
9 Bacon (6-8 oz)
10 Vegetable broth (4-5 pints)
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