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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 January, 2007, 00.01 GMT
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Schools in Croydon

This page shows schools in this area ranked on the basis of their "contextual value added" measure, from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4.

This compares pupils' exam performances with the middle performance of other pupils nationally who had similar prior attainment, weighted to take account of their backgrounds.

It is based around 1000. The top 5% had a score of 1028.85 and above.

The ranking needs treating with care. Small differences may not be significant.

Smaller schools with fewer than 30 pupils taking the exams are not ranked.

Click the name of a school for a page detailing its performance.

Click the column headers to sort schools alphabetically or on their GCSE-level or A/AS-level results.

Click here for a fuller explanation of the figures.

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by CVA
by A/AS
% score score
BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology 47 1051.2 823.8
Addington High School 28 1019.3 n/a
The Archbishop Lanfranc School 36 1017.1 n/a
Harris City Technology College 75 1016.9 706.2
Coloma Convent Girls' School 79 1011.2 795.3
Selhurst Mathematics and Computing Specialist School 20 1009.2 n/a
Stanley Technical High School for Boys 24 1009.1 n/a
Shirley High School Performing Arts College 47 1008.3 n/a
Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College for Girls 59 1007.4 n/a
Westwood Language College for Girls 33 1006.4 n/a
Haling Manor High School 25 1005 n/a
Archbishop Tenison's CofE High School 82 1003.8 694
Riddlesdown High School 54 1000.2 n/a
Selsdon High School 23 1000.2 n/a
St Andrew's CofE Voluntary Aided High School 66 996.2 n/a
Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School 57 996.1 600.8
Ashburton Community School 21 995.1 n/a
Edenham High School 48 993.5 n/a
Woodcote High School 54 992.7 n/a
St Mary's High School 22 992.5 n/a
Thomas More Catholic School 23 990.5 n/a
St Joseph's College 51 987.1 592.2
Coulsdon High School 30 965.3 n/a

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