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Blackpool communities unite in light art project

29 December 09 14:42

Bicycle powered illuminated sculptures, funky light boxes and jewelled domes of woven recycled plastic are due to light up a Lancashire resort.

Four artists have been running workshops in four areas of Blackpool over several months on a number of activities themed around light.

The work is all part of the Regeneration Arts Project (RAP) run by Blackpool Council.

It is aimed at bringing communities together and can be seen on 22 January.

At the town's Illuminations depot on Rigby Road students will dance in giant, internally lit pods made from acrylic sheets.

Transform rubbish

Unwanted plastic items have also been recycled to form patchwork domes which will be lit and displayed in shop windows in the town.

Artist Becky Waite, who has been working with residents with long-term mental health issues, the homeless charity Streetlife and St John's School, was delighted with what was made.

"The wide variety of people that have contributed to the project have been fantastic in their enthusiasm, working hard to transform what most perceive to be 'rubbish' into precious jewels," she said.

Residents of the Claremont ward area will also take part in a lantern parade using light boxes they made.

Richard Ryan, who looks after the town's Illuminations, said: "This is just one of many projects the team has worked on over the years, using their expertise to expand the reach of the Illuminations and the way Blackpool's residents interact with this quintessential part of the town."

This is the second time RAP has been run, in October 2008 more than 300 people worked with artists to create a lighting installation.

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