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Swat return: Views of the displaced

The return of displaced people from Jalozai camp in Nowshera district in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province has started. BBC Urdu's Abdul Hai Kakkar spoke to some of them, and found mixed feelings and a number of complaints.

Mohammed Jan, from Gulkada in Swat

I feel happy to return to my home.

Mohammed Jan

The troops and police are our brothers. So are the Taliban, but only those who teach religion to our children, lead prayers, funeral prayers and solemnise marriages.

But I abhor those who butcher and shoot at people.

I visited Mingora to see my house a few days back but faced a lot of trouble while coming back as troops were probing everywhere.

I saw about 15 women weeping in a field by the roadside and when I inquired they told me the troops had taken their men folk away blindfolded while they were travelling to Mardan.

Bakht Sultan, Thana, Swat

We are in the camp suffering higher temperatures but are happy to learn the news that we can return.

Bakht Sultan

I have been asking the camp authorities to provide a hand-held fan but they only provided it now I am leaving.

We were only happy here because of the prepared food delivered to us - what else can a lady wish for if she is served with cooked food?

Now I only wish to see my area free of Taliban on my return. I don't like the Taliban as they kill and butcher people.

Abdul Kabir, Thana, Swat

I am not going back willingly as my children fear the fighting will restart. There was a fight in our area two days ago.

Abdul Kabir

The government say they will not provide me the grant and transportation if we don't leave now so I don't have any option.

I don't believe in the government's claims. I fear we may be forced again into another displacement. Like they did with the IDPs [internally displaced people] in Bajaur, when they were asked to return to their homes as conditions became normal.

But the government restarted bombing when the people returned to their homes and then they had to leave the area.

Anwar Ali, camp representative

We came here on the advice of the army and are now leaving again on their advice. Rather than being happy at the military action, we are depressed seeing as most of us have so far not received the support grant and rations for the coming months.

About 70% of the occupants of the Jalozai camps are not registered. That's why they were not given the financial grant. Yesterday night while preparing the list of people to be repatriated, we found that only 36 of 97 families were registered. So the rest were deprived of financial support.

The government says Nadra (the National Database and Registration Authority) is reviewing the registration data as the people themselves committed irregularities in getting registered. I accept the possibility of such irregularities but why is there so much delay in confirmation?

Some of the visa cards given to the people did not contain any money in the accounts.

Naik Zada, Barikot

I am happy to leave but we have been cheated. I have not been given 25,000 rupees (about $300) for the past two and a half months. Today I was also refused any rations as they say I am not registered. What I will do when I return? We have lost everything there. The business collapsed. What will we eat back in our home?

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