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Last Updated: Saturday, 13 January 2007, 12:11 GMT
Press concern at Bangladesh emergency
Bangladeshis read about the state of emergency
Media controls are now in place

Papers in Bangladesh give a measured welcome to the reduction in political tensions brought about by the declaration of a state of emergency and the swearing-in of an interim government. But the decision to impose media censorship gets short shrift.


"It is noteworthy that the state of emergency has brought back a sense of normality to public life. The people have heaved a sigh of relief following the announcement of the state of emergency."


"The wind of normalcy has already begun to blow in public life. But many do not like the censorship that has been imposed in the press and electronic media. We cannot deny the necessity of censorship, even if, as a member of the media, we do not like it."


"The country again faces an unnatural situation following the president's declaration of a state of emergency. A state of emergency was issued 17 years ago by the then military dictator. No-one expected that a caretaker government would do the same. The backgrounds of the two regimes are totally different, but it is understood that a state of emergency violates all basic rights of the people."

Abdul Gaffar Choudhury in SHAMOKAL

"At last the president has issued a state of emergency in order to rectify his mistakes. We will not enter the debate as to whether issuing a state of emergency was necessary or not, but we will give the president some praise for his bold step in standing down as chief adviser to the caretaker government. This is not the end. Now he has to take logical steps."


"In the wake of the declaration of a state of emergency, censorship has been imposed on publishing critical analysis, anti-government news, cartoons, feature stories as well as news about rallies and demonstrations. We, in principle, reject the censorship decision."


"There is now a state of emergency in the country and that is why we do not have any scope to comment on it."


" declaring a state of emergency to undo his mistakes, it is once again the people that the president is hurting by suspending their fundamental democratic rights. The citizens are not at fault for the existing political situation and therefore should not be punished for the failures of the caretaker government and the political parties. The president, therefore, should immediately restore the fundamental rights of the citizens."

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