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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 October 2005, 12:50 GMT 13:50 UK
Girl, five, recalls Kashmir quake
Five-year-old Lishba lives in Bagh district, one of the areas worst-hit by the earthquake in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

She told the BBC of what happened when the earth shook and about her life now without any shelter.

I was at home watching television and my sister was playing outside, my parents were in at home as well.

I felt the house shake and I got scared and ran to my father.

My sister was playing outside and at first we couldn't find her, then my father went and got her home and all of us came out into the garden.

My school is completely ruined - we are off on the weekends so we didn't go to the school

At first both my father and I thought the painter doing up my room must have broken something since the house shook, but then my father said this was an earthquake.

After the earthquake everybody was out of their houses and there was confusion everywhere.

My uncle and father went looking for my younger sister in the school. When he came back with her we were all in the garden.

My house is completely broken all over.

We are now living in a field near my grandfather's house.

When it rains, we all take shelter in the balcony of my grandfather's house. It's all broken and there are cracks everywhere but we all sit there.

My school is completely ruined. We are off on the weekends so we didn't go to the school. But one aunty said her son had gone to see the school and it's completely razed to the ground.

I have not seen my school yet - since the quake we have been living with my grandfather's family and I have not gone out at all.

I have not met any of my friends yet. One of them used to live a floor above us but her house is completely destroyed as well and I have not seen her.

I like going to school. I have a lot of fun there.

My father was saying that we will all go away to Pindi [Rawalpindi] and he is coming with us too.

They [the government] should fix our houses first.


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