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Last Updated: Monday, 8 August 2005, 15:34 GMT 16:34 UK
Pakistan-UK extradition deal near
London bomber Shehzad Tanweer, arriving in Pakistan
The deal is not directly linked to the London bombings
The UK and Pakistan are close to signing a new extradition treaty, says the Pakistani foreign ministry.

The treaty would be ready after "procedural formalities", said spokesman Muhammad Naeem Khan, although no timetable was given.

Pakistan and the UK have also signed a "memorandum of understanding" aimed at easing travel to the UK and reducing deportation rates by half.

Talks began several months before the 7 July bomb attacks in London.

The two countries have no formal extradition treaty but individuals can be extradited under a governmental arrangement.

'Final stages'

The foreign ministry spokesman did not give details on the new agreement, other than to say that such treaties were for those "who are wanted by the courts to be tried in their respective countries".

Mr Khan said the extradition treaty was in its final stages.

This has basically been done at the initiative of Pakistan
Muhammad Naeem Khan, Pakistan foreign ministry

An official at the British High Commission in Islamabad told Reuters that the text of the treaty had been agreed but not signed, and it would take some months to come into force.

The 7 July bombings in London raised concerns about possible links between Islamic militants in the two countries.

Since the attacks, British authorities have pressed Pakistan to move against alleged radical seminaries, where at least one of the bombers was thought to have spent some time.

However, the new treaty has no direct links to the ongoing police investigation in both countries.

Mr Khan also announced that the memorandum of understanding signed on 25 July would ease visa measures for Pakistanis wanting to travel to Britain.

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