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Lebanon voices: Kassem Jouni

Voters in Lebanon give their reaction to the new unity government.

I come from a Shia family but do not wish to label myself by religion

Kassem Jouni
Age: 25
Job: Agricultural Engineer
Occupation: Roumeen
Background: Shia

We waited more than four months for this government to be born, so for the stability of Lebanon, it must be a good thing.

I am very happy that the Interior Minister Ziad Baroud [nominated by President Sulieman] has got his job back.

I felt Baroud was really working for Lebanon as a whole, not just for one party and I am a fan of his.

I think our government should be like other democracies in the world - the largest party should form the government and the others should go into opposition.

This way, the opposition could criticise the government and develop an alternative programme which it could put to the people.

Our country is now developed enough to not need a unity government to guarantee stability.

It is true there are many people who do not call themselves Lebanese - they base their identity on their religion or their faction.

But I believe we can overcome these differences. I come from a Shia family but do not wish to label myself by religion, and there are other young people like me.

We are in a better position than other countries. I spent some time in Iraqi Kurdistan and I was shocked that people of different religions were not mixing.

Kurdish Muslims would not invite their Christian neighbours to dinner. But thank God this is not the case in most places in Lebanon.

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