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Bomb rips through market in Iraq

Map of Iraq

A car bomb has killed four people and injured 40 at a market on the outskirts of the north Iraqi city of Mosul while bombs in Baghdad killed at least three.

All of those killed or injured in the blast in Kukchali, a mixed Sunni-Shia area to the east of Mosul, are believed by police to be civilians.

The city, with its volatile ethnic and religious mix, has seen numerous attacks by insurgents.

US troops pulled out of Iraqi cities less than two weeks ago.

Correspondents say the Mosul bomb went off in an area with a predominantly Shia population, thought to be from Iraq's Shabak community.

On Wednesday two car bombs went off outside Shia mosques in Mosul, killing at least 14 people and injuring about 30. According to Reuters news agency, Shabak areas were targeted in both attacks.

Mosul, a city of about 1.8 million people about 400km (250 miles) north-west of Baghdad, is mainly populated by Iraqi Arabs with Kurdish and other ethnic minorities.

US and Iraqi officials have described the city as al-Qaeda in Iraq's last major urban stronghold in the country.

In Baghdad's central Karrada district, two bombs hit a billiards hall on Saturday evening, killing at least two people and injuring 11.

Another bomb in the south-west of the city killed at least one person.

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