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Last Updated: Friday, 29 February 2008, 17:22 GMT
Iraqis react to 'Chemical Ali' decision
Three Iraqis respond to the news that the man found guilty of genocide over the notorious Anfal campaign against Iraqi Kurds - Hassan al-Majid - is to be executed in the next 30 days.


Waria Salhi
Waria says executing Chemical Ali is not his top concern

He deserves to be punished, but I think people are more concerned with getting better basic services, than who is going to be the next dead body.

Of course he was a nightmare for the Kurdish people. Hassan al-Majid killed thousands of people, he is a criminal and was as bad as Saddam Hussein.

But is killing him really going to make people happy? More happy than having electricity 24 hours a day, than having a good water supply, than having security?

Security here in Kirkuk has stabilised somewhat, but as regards basic services it's got worse.

Life has become more expensive, yet employment is still down. Job creation has not progressed at all.

The way Saddam was executed brought shame on Iraq from around the world.

It was worse than killing an animal.

As an Iraqi citizen I would like to see the Iraqi government not bring shame on us again.

The execution of Hassan al-Majid is a good chance for them to prove they are not a bunch of gangsters.

Let's see if this time they manage not to put it in the hands of people who are out for revenge.


Hassan al-Majid was a murderer so he will be executed as murderers must be.

the other two were good men who were doing what was necessary for their country

He did a bad thing but he was a human being as well.

So let's hope it's handled better than the way they executed Saddam Hussein, that was very bad.

We are against the hanging of the other two: Hussein Rashid al-Tikriti and Sultan Hashim al-Tai.

They were very good men who were just doing what was necessary for their country.

Most of us are against their convictions. We were in a war against Iran and they did what they had to against Iran.

We are facing two occupations now, from America and Iran. A lot of the Shias don't even accept the Iranian occupation either.

It is a miserable life here, but it's our country. We love Iraq and we will not leave it to the Iranians.


I am against the death penalty. This man is a criminal - even before Anfal - and he should pay for what he did.

His sort of hatred still exists

But whether he's executed or not, I don't think it will make much difference.

The sort of hatred that led him to do what he did still exists. There are still people who believe in exterminating others for ethnic or religious reasons.

And some of them are in power - people who think like Chemical Ali and like Saddam Hussein. So it could happen again.

I think he will suffer more if he lives. If they execute him, he might be considered a hero by some.

We should work towards a secular solution to prevent any more crimes in the name of religion.

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