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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 June, 2005, 08:54 GMT 09:54 UK
Fresh fighting on Lebanon border
Israeli troops evacuate a wounded comrade after Wednesday's attack
One soldier was killed and five wounded in the latest violence
The Israeli army says it has opened fire on two Hezbollah guerrillas who infiltrated northern Israel from Lebanese territory.

Hezbollah confirmed Israeli troops had fired in the border area but said its fighters "did not respond".

The violence comes a day after Hezbollah guerrillas killed an Israeli soldier in a mortar and rocket attack.

It has been the most serious round of fighting in the tense border area for months, correspondents say.

A Hezbollah spokesman is quoted saying that Israeli forces appeared to have opened fire in what he called a military sweep of the Shebaa Farms area.

"There was no one killed or wounded in our ranks," the spokesman said.

Israel has issued a statement urging the Lebanese government to take action to bring the border area under control and prevent Hezbollah inflaming the situation.

An Israeli air force helicopter also dropped leaflets across the south of the country and in southern Beirut, warning against the consequences of an escalation of Hezbollah operations against Israel.

The clashes happened around the water-rich Shebaa Farms which lie at the convergence of Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian territory.

They were captured by Israel from Syria in 1967 but the area is now claimed by Lebanon, with Syrian backing.

The United Nations has ruled that the area belongs to Syria and says its fate is linked to the occupied Golan Heights.

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