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Last Updated: Friday, 8 April 2005, 20:05 GMT 21:05 UK
Pope's death: Middle East views
Woman in Jerusalem church lights candles in memory of Pope

Hundreds of readers from across the Middle East region have sent us their reaction to the death of Pope John Paul II.

Here is a selection of their comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views received:

This great pope stood always for what was right. He stood like a rock.
Formose Savio Pereira, Oman
Pope John Paul the Great, touched everybody's lives not only when he lived, but more so even after he has passed away. It has been difficult, trying to please all types of people, however this great pope stood always for what was right. He stood like a rock - as is expected of a Pope. He will go down in history inarguably as the greatest world leader of all times.
Formose Savio Pereira, Oman

Pope John Paul II was a man of the masses. His was a life truly lived to uphold what he believed. His fight for freedom and justice for all will be remembered for ever. His views on human values and dignity are well accepted. His mercy and forgiveness shown to the assassin who made an attempt on his life should be an inspiration for the entire world. He has left behind a legacy worth following. Rich tributes paid by people from all walks of life speak of the virtues of this great personality who endeared himself to millions without any barriers. I was very fortunate to see him in New Delhi during his first visit to India. Although he is no more in our midst today yet, he will be in our hearts and our love and respect for this great man will be unflinching for the rest of our life. May his soul rest in peace.
MV Jose, United Arab Emirates

In the death of the Pope the world has lost a Great Leader who gave a new impetus to the Catholic faith. He will always be remembered as one the Greatest Popes of all times.
Wenzel D'Mello, Kuwait.

It was so sad to hear the Pope suffering from such pain for so long. We are deeply saddened from the final news and wish to express our condolences to Catholic friends all over the world. When such a good human like Karol Wojtyla dies, the sadness is felt in everyone's heart, who loves peace, cares for humanity and justice for all people in the world. I am grateful for his efforts to bring peace and understanding among nations of different cultures and religion. If more good people would be allowed in such important positions, then our world would finally get a real chance to turn into a better place. People like Karol Wojtyla never die, but continue to live in our hearts.
An Iranian Muslim

The Holy Pope has ascended to heaven, this is not an exaggeration. I am an Iranian Muslim and when I heard of his death I cried and I wished to be in the Vatican with the mournful people. In the holy Koran people are labelled in three levels and when I compare his life I believe he is on the top level, with a very simple life, a very strong and pure belief in God and kindness to people - even the man who shot at him. I compare his life and death with Imam Khomeini in the Islamic world.
Ali K, Tehran, Iran

A great visionary who shortened the distance between people of different walks of life throughout the world.
Sudeep C Thomas, Saudi Arabia

A candle of love, devotion and humility, that has illuminated the world for so long no longer exists, with the passing away of such a noble soul as that of Pope John Paul II.
Aeel, Egypt

Pope John Paul II has reached his final destination. A great and humble humanist is now with the Lord and the Virgin Mary. May Pope John Paul rest in peace.
Precilla, UAE

He was really a great man, the man who resisted the totalitarian regimes of Nazism and communism, and called for democracy in all the World.
Jack, Latakia Syria

The pope will always be remembered by his act of compassion, humility and respect to all people irrespective of religion. Truly a man of peace! May his soul rest in peace with the Holy Creator in His Kingdom.
Lito Duno, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

I don't know why, I couldn't sleep on that night; I decided to rise and watch TV and the same moment news flashed about dear Popes departure. I haven't seen him, not heard him, but my spiritual leader's farewell put me into tears. He was an icon of peace and love, which spread around the world even without his presence. He will be remembered forever, by us.
Jacob, UAE

From God we come and to him we return. Even though I am a Muslim my condolences go out to the people of the world. For this was a holy man and a man of God. May his soul rest in peace.
Zahra, Iran

The people of the world have truly lost a man of great vision, love, faith and understanding. Even though I am a Muslim, I mourn the death of The Pope, for he has been the greatest man in his generation. May he rest in peace.
Faisal Yassin, Baghdad, Iraq

I am not Roman Catholic but Pope John Paul II is the finest Pope that I have ever known. No man has done more to foster world peace than this man. He was a sincere and dedicated man who even through the years of suffering from Parkinson's disease he continued to carry out his work. He truly was a man of God. May he now rest in peace in the hands of his father.
Leon Crossan, Iraq

I am Catholic Iranian, to me it is like a prophet has died, I am so sad to see the papa has been taken away from us. I cried so much since the past few days. This is a terrible time for us.
Abdi Javedzadeh, Iran

Mourners gather in St Peter's Square

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