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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 09:44 GMT 10:44 UK
UK soldier killed by Basra bomb
British soldier in Basra
97 UK soldiers have died in Iraq since military action began
A British soldier has been killed by a roadside bomb in Basra, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

The soldier was on a routine patrol in the southern Iraqi city and died as a result of his injuries at about 2323 local time on Tuesday (2123 BST).

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair sent his condolences to the soldier's family during Commons questions on Wednesday.

The death brings the number of British troops killed in Iraq to 97 - 64 of them as a result of hostile activity.

Major Steven Melbourne, based in Basra, said: "A British soldier died from the injuries sustained from a roadside blast at 11.23 local time last night. The incident is under investigation."

The explosion happened on the eve of the start of former leader Saddam Hussein's trial.

In another attack, a US soldier was killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol near Iskandariyah, 50km (30 miles) south of Baghdad.


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