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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 September 2005, 14:32 GMT 15:32 UK
Day in Afghanistan: 13 Sept in figures
The BBC News Website's One Day in Afghanistan coverage chronicled in detail events in Afghanistan over a single day. Ranging from violence to rewards and troops to temperature, here is a statistical snapshot of post-war Afghanistan from midnight to midnight on 13 September 2005.

3 explosions, two in Kandahar and one in Nangahar province
Sources: AFP, Pajhwok news agency

7 Taleban reported killed and 28 captured in three separate incidents, including 21 arrested in an operation in Pakistan
Sources: AFP, Reuters, AP, Pajhwok

21 candidates disqualified this week from standing in Sunday's elections on the grounds of their alleged links to warlords
Source: AFP, AP

70% of people found to have insufficient information about the upcoming elections in a survey of five provinces
Source: Sahr (Dawn) newspaper

$10m reward currently offered by US government for Taleban leader Mullah Omar
Source: US State Department

24,000 troops in the Afghan National Army

20,000 US troops operating in Afghanistan
Source: Reuters

11,000 non-US troops operating in Afghanistan
Source: Reuters

35 nations with troops in Afghanistan
Source: Associated Press

25% of Afghan citizens are completely dependent on government food hand-outs
Source: UNFP

87% of Afghan citizens have no access to safe drinking water
Source: UNICEF

85,000 phone lines in Afghanistan
Source: Network Dynamics telecoms consultancy

500,000 mobile phones in Afghanistan
Source: Network Dynamics telecoms consultancy

42.8 Afghanis to one US dollar

31C maximum daytime temperature in Kabul
Source: BBC Weather


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