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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 January, 2005, 12:23 GMT
Arab press pessimism over Iraq elections

Press commentators across the Arab world reveal a sense of foreboding as the elections in Iraq fast approach.

Most see the presence of coalition forces and US pressure to hold the elections as undermining the whole process. In marked contrast, one Iraqi paper views the election in a positive light.

Horror, blood and elections - The Iraq elections, with only four more days to go, should have been a national occasion filled with joy, optimism and national gratification.

Editorial in United Arab Emirates' Al-Bayan

Re-electing Bush in Iraq - Any Iraqi voter who casts his vote will be giving it to the US president and will be giving the occupation the legitimacy it has been searching for. The candidates are competing to win votes which have already been counted and decided. As for America, it does not care who wins. The elections are a solution. However, they are not a solution for the Iraqi problem but for the USA.

Editorial in Libya's Al-Shams

As the Iraq elections approach, there are increasing fears within Iraq and abroad about the escalation of violence targeting the Iraqi elections headquarters, the candidates and the voters, particularly after some forces clearly announced they would do their utmost to abort the elections.

Editorial in Oman's Oman

The occupation authorities are trying to cover up their crimes using the interim government recently accused by the Human Rights Watch of human rights violations in Iraq. Such a government, which was also accused by Transparency International of looting on the pretext of reconstructing Iraq, is not qualified to conduct democratic elections.

Editorial in Egypt's Al-Jumhuriyah

One third of Iraqis are armed, another third are politicians and the last third are a mixture of the two. The signs are that the new Iraqi president will be a mixture of the three.

Commentator in Oman's Al-Watan

The US is moving Iraq towards division. In this division, the US sees what will serve its policy in the near future.

Editorial in Egypt's Al-Akhbar

Iraq is a curse under US democracy.

Commentator in Syria's Al-Thawrah

Let Mr Allawi remember that the months he has spent in power, together with candidates on his list who hold senior posts, have been the worst, bloodiest, darkest and most criminal months for Iraqis... We dare Allawi and other members of his list to travel at night to Basra peacefully without his 1000-guard convoy. We dare him to walk in Baghdad streets and suburbs after midnight. We challenge him to raise any eyebrow if the Americans say "No", or to say "No" to something the Americans want.

Editorial in Iraq's Al-Bayyinah

The countdown has begun for a great, historic day in the life of our people. On this day, the people will master their own destiny and future when they will select their representatives to the constitutional assembly that will draft the permanent constitution and choose an elected government expressing their will and working to achieve their hopes and aspirations. We believe the high turnout will be the most telling response to the terrorists and killers who seek to confiscate the Iraqi people's will.

Editorial in Iraq's Al-Bayan

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