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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 January, 2005, 17:02 GMT
Iraqi exiles to vote in 14 states
Election poster in Baghdad
An estimated one million Iraqi expatriates may be eligible to vote
Expatriate Iraqis in 14 countries will be able to vote in the general election scheduled for 30 January.

The Geneva-based International Organisation for Migration (IOM) will supervise the voter registration voting by Iraqis outside the country.

The organisation estimates that up to one million expatriate Iraqis may be eligible to vote.

The programme is being run by the IOM on behalf of the Iraqi electoral commission.

Australia: 75,000
Canada: 36,000
Denmark: 26,000
France: 8,000
Germany: 75,000
Iran: 134,137
Jordan: 360,000
Netherlands: 44,000
Sweden: 91,600
Syria: 500,000
Turkey: 40,000
United Arab Emirates: 100,000
United Kingdom: 250,000
USA: 313,000
(Source: IOM)
The commission has set an upper limit of $93m on the cost of the voting programme.

Voter registration takes place between 17 and 23 January, and voting between 28 and 30 January.

Iraqi expatriates living in a country other than those with IOM voting arrangements can travel to one of the 14 countries that do and vote there.

In order to register to vote through the IOM, an Iraqi must be an Iraqi citizen or have proof of eligibility for Iraqi citizenship, and have been born before on or before 31 December 1986.

The IOM has previously organised outside country voting for elections in Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor and Afghanistan - though the Iraqi programme is its largest.

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