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Last Updated: Friday, 12 August 2005, 11:27 GMT 12:27 UK
Jenin wants world sandwich record
A baker in Jenin preparing the world's longest baguette
Organisers have pledged to rebuild their sandwich away from the sun
Palestinian bakers thwarted in an attempt to build the world's longest sandwich have vowed to try again.

Plans to construct a 750-metre long sandwich along a roadside in the West Bank town of Jenin were vetoed by Palestinian Authority health officials.

They judged that 180kg of meat, as well as vast quantities of vegetables, might rot in the hot sun.

Organisers say they will set another date to make an attempt on the record - but this time in the shade.

Local officials in Jenin had joined forces with bakers and food suppliers in an effort to break the current record of 634 metres, set in Portugal in 2004.

Health fears

"Jenin is well known for fighting the Israeli occupation, and we wanted to give a civilised view of the city," project manager Samir Abu al-Rub told the Reuters news agency.

Palestinian youths clash with Israeli troops in Jenin
Jenin has become known for violent clashes in recent years

Fears that the sweltering summer sun could spoil the supplies of sandwich fillings convinced organisers to prepare their baguettes in advance.

But a mere 10 minutes under the burning sun turned the freshly-baked baguettes rock hard.

Visiting health officials banned the bakers from filling the sandwich, citing concerns for public health.

There were plans to hand the sandwich out to the city's poor after sealing the record.

"We were planning to add the [meat] and stuffing at the last minute to rule out any possibility of rotting," chef Ahmed Nazzal told Reuters, hinting that rival food suppliers might have lodged a complaint with health officials.

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