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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 December, 2004, 21:50 GMT
Hamas victim's family get $156m
Hamas gunman in Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza
The Boim family accused Chicago charities of links with Hamas
A court in Chicago has ordered a group of Islamic charities to pay $156m (81m) to the parents of a US teenager killed by Hamas in the West Bank.

The court ruled that the charities had funded the militant group's activities and so were liable to pay compensation to the family of David Boim.

Boim, 17, was shot dead at a bus stop outside Jerusalem in 1996.

His family sued under a federal anti-terror law. But it is unclear how much of the sum awarded can be recovered.

Three organisations - the Quranic Literacy Institute, the Islamic Association for Palestine and the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development - were found liable in the case.

An alleged Hamas fundraiser, Mohammed Salah, was also held responsible.

A federal jury took one day to decide that Stanley and Joyce Boim were entitled to $52m (27m) compensation, but Judge Arlander Keys tripled their initial award.

Supporters of the law say it helps strike a blow at terror support networks.

But the BBC's Catherine Miller in Chicago says the case has also raised concerns for the Muslim community about where support for militants ends and guilt by association begins.

Our correspondent says neither the family nor the lawyers may ever see any of the money awarded, because many of the organisations' assets have already been the subject of separate, government actions.

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