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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 October, 2004, 07:30 GMT 08:30 UK
Kuwait sex-change case overturned
A Kuwaiti court has overturned a ruling that a 26-year-old man who underwent sex-change surgery can be officially regarded as a woman.

The landmark ruling by a lower court came after the plaintiff told of mental and physical torment since childhood due to hormonal imbalances.

The lawyer for the plaintiff, who goes by the name of Amal, said he would appeal the ruling to a higher court.

Correspondents say gender change is not seen as acceptable in Kuwait.

There is no law in Kuwait to govern sex-change cases and judges base their verdicts on their personal convictions, Agence France Presse news agency reports.

This problem has transferred me from the list of the living to that of the dead

Amal - who withheld a surname - had a sex-change operation in Thailand three years ago.

"My rights have been inhumanely violated," Amal told the Associated Press news agency.

"This problem has transferred me from the list of the living to that of the dead."

Lawyer Adel al-Yahya said Amal's case was "exceptional".

"We believe our case is fair and is backed by religious and legal interpretations of the law," he said.

He said an example of his client's problems came whenever Amal was body searched by male security guards at the airport or asked to present her ID - which says Ahmed - to a policeman.

He added that Amal had been fired from her job in the civil service until the official identity records are sorted out.

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