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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 July, 2003, 17:16 GMT 18:16 UK
Peace push: Key quotes
The Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers made a concerted effort to push the Mid-East peace process forward in a highly choreographed joint appearance on Tuesday.

Speaking before a joint meeting in Jerusalem, Ariel Sharon and Abu Mazen both focused on the positive before sharing a hearty handshake and disappearing in Mr Sharon's office.

Here are some of the key points from their speeches.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

I have no doubt that the message projected from here today to the people of Israel, the Palestinian people and the entire world, is one of hope and optimism.

Even if we are required to make painful compromises, I will be willing to make them for the sake of true peace
Ariel Sharon
I have said before... I will make every effort to achieve a political settlement which will lead to calm and - with God's help - to peace.

This is the mission that I have taken upon myself. It is my duty.

Generations of Jews were taught to seek, aspire to and pursue peace. Therefore, even if the price is painful, even if we are required to make painful compromises, I will be willing to make them for the sake of true peace - a peace for generations, the peace that we all yearn for.

However, we must never forget that coupled with the hopes and prospects, there are numerous risks.

There are still many who would like to see the process - any process - collapse.

As Prime Minister of Israel, my primary responsibility is to ensure the security of the citizens and State of Israel.

There will be no compromise with terror. There can be no peace with terrorism.

Let me reiterate these words from my address to the Knesset on 8 April 2003, when I called on the Palestinians as follows:

"On behalf of the people of Israel, I tell you: we have no quarrel with you. We have no desire to control you or to dictate your fate. We want to live side by side with you in peace, as good neighbours, helping and respecting each other."

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas

As we have said before, the way for progress can only be through dialogue and negotiations.

Our conflict with you is a political conflict - we will end it with political means
Abu Mazen
Peace, a just peace, has always been our main goal for the Palestinian people. The peace that we will exert all our efforts to achieve is a durable peace.

The peace we are looking for... is a peace which resolves all the final-status questions ... and which gives the Palestinians their national rights, which includes the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Killing and destruction can only provoke hatred and hostility.

We are working to establish our security departments to achieve peace and the rule of law for the Palestinian people.

Mr Prime Minister, our conflict with you is a political conflict. We will end it with political means. We have no enmity towards the Israeli people.

Every day that passes with out an agreement is a lost opportunity. Every person killed is a tragedy, so enough killing, enough tragedy, enough pain. Let's move to the future.

Israel and the Palestinians



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