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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 March, 2003, 12:32 GMT
Papers stress Iraq's 'brave' resistance

The Arabic press on Monday focused on the resistance being mounted by Iraqi troops against US-led forces invading the country.

They also turn their attention to the plight of civilians and prisoners-of-war.

The USA lost the diplomatic war and hoped to compensate for this with military war... But it did not receive a red-carpet welcome in Iraq.

Al-Jamahiriyah - Libya

Those who allege that they are concerned about the "freedom" of Iraq and about spreading democracy in the world ought to liberate themselves, before expressing this fake concern, which in fact reflects arrogance of power.

Al-Thawra - Syria

The obvious thing is that the thousands of missiles and bombs, which they are dropping on Iraqi towns and on historic and cultural sites, will strengthen the coherence of the Iraqi people, the unity of their land and their brave stand.

Tishrin - Syria

The strong resistance which has been shown by the Iraqi people in the past few days since the aggressive war began is a clear indication of the collapse of Washington's claims that its aggression will be fun and its targets against Iraq will be easy.

Al-Ba'th - Syria

The Iraqis' steadfastness and resistance is noble and gallant.

Al-Wafd - Egypt

The issue of destroying weapons of mass destruction should not be requested by one country to the exclusion of other countries. It should be a collective task.

Al-Ahram - Egypt

The USA in its aggression against Iraq has proved that it is the first country which sponsors terrorism to realize its hegemony over the world.

Al-Akhbar - Egypt

It is clear that the USA needs someone who will advise it, so that it behaves like a modern superpower and not like its Israeli ally.

Al-Watan - Saudi Arabia

The talk about smart bombs while blood is flowing as a result of these so called smart bombs is considered to be extreme provocation of the ill-fated Iraqi families and the entire world.

Al-Jazirah - Saudi Arabia

The occupation of Iraq will be the beginning of the worst disaster for the entire region.

Ukaz - Saudi Arabia

The USA is not interested in Iraqi oil but at the same time it does not want Iraqi oil to be used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction.

Al-Watan - Kuwait

No doubt we are witnessing an important phase in our history. The fraternal Iraqi people are the ones who will benefit most from this war and who will call to account all those who stood against their liberation from the Iraqi regime.

Al-Qabas - Kuwait

The USA should be the last to speak about respecting international laws and conventions.

Al-Watan - Qatar

We call on the international community and the UN in particular and its humanitarian organs to urgently intervene and protect civilians and PoWs.

Al-Ittihad - UAE

It is our national right to call upon those dropping bombs and firing bullets to stop the war against the people of Iraq.

Al-Bayan - UAE

Iraq is not Saddam or those loyal people around him. Iraq is date-trees and historic rivers... The history and geography of Iraq will not be diminished by the ongoing dropping of missiles and bombs.

Al-Hayat al-Jadidah - Palestinian

Today, the Arab system is facing three major crises, which are ambushing Iraq, Palestine and the Arab and Islamic culture as a whole.

Al-Hayat - pan-Arab, Saudi-owned

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