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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 January 2006, 13:42 GMT
Board places trust in new members
Jersey Zoo
The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust was set up in 1964
Jersey's Gerald Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is looking for people with experience of running tourist attractions to act as trustees.

The trust, which was formed more than 40 years ago, has recently reformed the way it is run to bring it into line with UK charity laws.

It has replaced its governing council with a board of trustees.

Trustee Lee Durrell said it would be good to have some new blood involved with the trust's work.

The trust, set up in 1964 by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell, is currently working with more than 30 different species taking part in captive breeding programmes.

It was established after Mr Durrell founded Jersey's zoo in 1959 with an aim to prevent the decline and extinction of animals threatened in their habitat.


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