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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 13:23 GMT
Speeding web video riders warned
Mountain Road
Riders have recorded themselves speeding on the Mountain Road
Motorcyclists who film themselves speeding, then upload the videos to websites, are putting themselves at risk, Manx police have said.

Several bikers have posted videos of themselves travelling at up to 170mph over the Mountain Road on video-sharing websites like YouTube.

Car drivers have also posted films of themselves racing around Tesco car park in Douglas.

Inspector Derek Flint said these drivers can and will be traced.

'Self-glorifying clown'

He said: "I've dealt with a few incidents where this has happened, and I've named and shamed in the internet forums.

"I think it just sends out the wrong message for what we are trying to achieve on the island.

"If I was being remembered as a driver, I would want to be remembered as a legend, not as some sort of clown who has posted some self-glorifying clips on the internet," he added.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has also criticised the practice, saying the problem of people driving dangerously and uploading videos is a growing one.

There is no general maximum speed limit on the Isle of Man, with speed restrictions confined to urban areas.

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