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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 December 2007, 13:25 GMT
Shark sightings hit record high
Basking shark
The last sightings were made in November
A record number of basking shark sightings have been made off the Isle of Man coast this year, according to a wildlife charity.

The Manx Wildlife Trust said 742 sightings were reported in Manx waters during 2007.

Three basking sharks were tagged with electronic tracking devices in the summer. Trust members are still waiting for data on their movements.

The satellite tags cost 3,000 each and are attached to the shark's dorsal fin.

Trust director Duncan Bridges said: "It has been a tremendous year for the sighting scheme and we are eager to get the satellite data back so we can find where these sharks have moved to."

The species is the second biggest fish in the world - growing up to 43ft (13m) in length.

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