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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 January 2006, 21:12 GMT
Gas row may push up Manx prices
Gas ring on cooker
Much of the gas supplied to the Isle of Man comes from Norway
The row between Russia and the Ukraine over gas prices will not affect supplies on the Isle of Man in the short term, but may mean price rises.

International efforts are under way to resolve the dispute, which prompted Russia to stop pumping gas to Ukraine.

The move has led to a disruption of supplies across Europe.

Chairman of the Manx Electricity Authority, Eddie Teare, said the long-term effect for the Isle of Man could be an increase in prices.

He said the island's supply was not directly dependent on gas coming from Russia.

"Most of our gas comes from elsewhere, from Norway and also some of it comes in liquid natural gas into the UK," he said.

"The longer term effect will probably be from a pricing point of view because as gas supply tightens in eastern Europe, demand will stay the same and unfortunately we may see an increase in price."

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