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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 November 2005, 14:48 GMT
Sculptor supports island museum
Bryan Kneale and his miniature sculpture
Inspiration came from the island and its heritage
Miniature sculptures by one of the Isle of Man's best known artists are being sold to raise money for the island's national art collection.

Acclaimed sculptor Bryan Kneale has created 100 of the 1,000 silver models, called "The Legs of Man".

His original creation stands outside the island's Ronaldsway Airport.

Mr Kneale, who now lives in London, said the model was an expression of the intense inspiration he drew from the island and its heritage.

Director of Manx National Heritage, Stephen Harrison, said: "Bryan Kneale is one of our most important living sculptors.

"Manx National Heritage is proud to have this opportunity to present a limited edition miniature of 'The Legs of Man' and extremely grateful to Bryan for donating his time and expertise to this project.

"I am sure the sculpture will bring great pleasure to the 100 people who become the lucky owners of this very Manx limited edition."

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