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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 September 2005, 08:24 GMT 09:24 UK
Rare baby tapir for wildlife park
Baby Tapir
The baby Tapir, as yet unnamed, has been drawing the crowds
Staff at an Isle of Man wildlife park are celebrating a rare addition to their family of animals.

Brazilian Tapir Clanger gave birth on Friday to the first of the species born at Curragh's Wildlife Park in 10 years.

The proud mother and her mate Thackeray have already been showing off their new arrival, a male described as looking like a "cute, little humbug".

"They are such good parents and really don't mind being looked at," duty manager Tina Hobson said.

Habitat threatened

The pair of Brazilian Tapirs were brought to the park in 2002 and it is the first time they have successfully reared an offspring.

Although some suggestions have been made, Mrs Hampton revealed the park's visitors could be asked to name the baby tapir.

"They are such lovely creatures to have around," she said.

"He is just so cute - he's got an 'aww' factor. Not all of our animals have got it, but he certainly has."

Although not as critically endangered as the Malayan Tapir, numbers of Brazilian Tapirs are dwindling in the wild as their natural habitat disappears.

Brazilian Tapirs are native to the Amazon region and are related to the horse family and rhinos.

Curragh's Wildlife Park is currently celebrating one of its most successful years with visitors expected to top 40,000.

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