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Guernsey Police want surrender of starting pistols

An Olympic .380 BBM
The Olympic .380 BBM can be converted to a lethal firearm

Guernsey Police are asking owners of certain type of gun used for sporting events to surrender them.

An amnesty of Olympic .380 BBM revolvers is taking place in the UK before they are prohibited from 4 June.

They are designed to fire blanks and are used as starting pistols, but are often converted into illegal weapons.

Although Guernsey is not holding an amnesty and the pistols will not be made illegal, they will require licensing in the future.

Police have found a number of them converted into lethal firearms.

Guernsey Police are asking all owners of the guns to surrender them, and schools, sporting clubs and dog trainers, who are all known to use starting pistols, are asked to check the make of any pistols they have.

The UK amnesty aims to remove all of the weapons, whether converted or not, from public ownership.

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