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Guernsey politician resigns as waste vote is lost

Tony Spruce
Deputy Spruce said some form of incineration was the only solution

The Guernsey politician behind a failed attempt to reinstate plans for an incinerator is resigning from the department in charge of the waste.

The States voted 27-16 to reaffirm last month's decision to dismiss the plans and begin afresh with a new strategy.

Deputy Tony Spruce said he could no longer work with other board members at the Public Services Department (PSD).

He said PSD had a hard task ahead as there are so many diverse views on what is the solution to the island's waste.

Deputy Tony Spruce, who has previously said he received verbal and physical threats due to his view on waste, said he would not be seeking re-election in two years' time.

Foolish decision

He said: "It's been totally unbelievable this last two weeks, the impact on my family and to be truthful I've had enough of it.

"It's only when you stick you head above the parapet and try to do something that you truly believe is right that you truly realise how unreasonable some people can be in their approach to you.

"They really don't care what they say or do to you or your family and if there are people out there who can do a better job than me, so be it.

"I will have given it my best shot for four years and that's all I can say."

Deputy Spruce said deciding against a proven waste solution, without an alternative plan, could prove to be a foolish decision for the island.

He said: "There's a huge group of people who are anti-incineration, but I'm afraid they will never quite get their way.

"As things unfold people will find that there will have to be incineration, maybe it will be 20-25,000 tonnes, but there will have to be incineration of some sort."

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