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No extra fuel payment in Guernsey after cold weather

Mark Dorey
Deputy Dorey said an extra payment could not be justified

The weather has not been cold enough to warrant extra winter supplementary fuel allowance payments, Guernsey's social security minister has said.

The department considered giving extra money to help needy households pay for heating, as has been done in the UK.

Deputy Mark Dorey said there was already an extra payment for fuel of £22.70 a week for 26 weeks from late October to late April.

He said the weather "was not severe enough to justify an extra payment".

Deputy Dorey said paying out an extra payment was unusual and the last two cases had been in the early 1990s and 1987.

He said: "Obviously if the situation continues or we have another cold snap we will look at it again.

"They are only made when the weather is exceptional and we just didn't feel that we have had exceptional weather.

"We have had cold weather but it's not so cold and for such long periods that justify the payment."

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