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Russia Ukraine row: Your emails

BBC News website readers' emails on the gas dispute which has seen Russia cut supplies to Ukraine after both sides failed to agree on prices and debts.

They have a right to cut the supply if money is not paid. This is the rule of the free market economy. Whoever disagrees with that is a communist and communists' time is gone.
Vladimir, Kiev, Ukraine

I frequently visit Uzhhorod in the Ukraine, many people complain that they pay their [own gas] bills on time, so where does all the money go if not to Gazprom? Being married to a Ukrainian lady, with family there, I do also experience the great anger they voice at their own extremely corrupt government. The people of the Ukraine are the only ones who can rid the country of these people via elections.
Roland H Dawson [ex-pat], Tarnazsadany, Hungary

I am preparing electric sources for cooking food, for heating my house, to try my best to be independent from Gaz. My relatives in the villages are preparing firewood because afraid that without gas it would be hard, because now here in Lvov it is -10, so it is cold.
Yuriy, Lviv, Ukraine

This is a commercial contract between Gazprom and the Ukraine. Whilst the company is state owned you must consider that Ukraine have had a year to re-negotiate this contract. Last time they illegally dipped into Europe's gas supply to make up for their incompetence in contract negotiations. They look like they are going to do the same again. Maybe this is an opportunity to explore other sources of gas supply to those countries dependent on Russian gas. As an aside perhaps the Government should stop sabre rattling at Russia as we will become dependent on Russian gas ourselves in ten years time when North Sea Gas starts to run out.
David Roe, Woking England

It has been below freezing for more than 10 days, and I find it amazing that Russia again wants to employ the drama of cutting off millions of people's heat in order to make a point. This happens with enough regularity that it is no longer dramatic when people suffer because of political wrangling. Russia just comes across more vividly as the bully it is, no matter how 'generous' it wants to portray itself.
D. McDonnel, Kiev, Ukraine

I believe Russia has a right to cut off gas though Ukrainian citizens are going to suffer. They should pay bills on time and if they don't and gas is cut off, where does the money go? The Ukrainian government is playing tricks just because Russia uses Ukrainian territory to supply its gas to EU nations. Government officials in Ukraine should come clean and say where they are putting the money they collect from gas users in Ukraine.
San, Kharkov, Ukraine

Russia is in fact strengthening the Ukrainian nation by cutting gas supplies to Ukraine at this time. Formidable political rivals Mr Yushchenko and Mrs Tymoshenko have promptly reacted by issuing a joint statement and making a counter-offer of $201 per 1,000 cm gas price. It takes pressure from Gazprom for Ukrainian leaders to unite and remember their mission is to act in the interest of the Ukrainian people.
Maxim Bougriy, Kiyev, Ukraine

Despite living in Ukraine, I am glad Russia took that step. A bird that can sing and won't sing will be made to sing. Ukraine has put everything at stake, and doesn't care about the results. With any luck, the Orange government's days are numbered.
Oleg, Simferopol, Ukraine

The Russian move is more about political pressure than anything else - as always in its relations with the neighbours. In this case this is an attempt to destabilise the situation inside Ukraine and to convince Europe that Ukraine is not a reliable partner. For now the situation is not going to affect the gas consumers in Europe or even Ukraine. Yet if the situation is not resolved within a short time, the Ukrainian government will have no other option than to start pumping the gas intended for EU consumers.
Petro, Lviv, Ukraine

It seems fairly obvious that Russia is using gas as a weapon to re-establish its sphere of influence over their former empire. This gambit was predicted by experts months ago. Next will come Russia's insistence that it must protect Russians residing in Ukraine, followed, eventually, with military occupation. This is South Ossetia revisited.
Paul Rossi, Philadelphia, PA

Russia doesn't want any fair trade of energy supplies in Europe. Ukrainian 'case' perfectly shows aggressiveness of Gazprom monopoly. As a Ukrainian, I hope that the development of the alternative energy sources will help us to get rid of this dangerous dependence.
Victor Petrushin, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

I have just tried to have a hot shower, no luck!
Vasilly Schevchenko, Kiev, Ukraine

I'm not in the Ukraine, but I am a UK gas expert and I'd like to point out: gas only travels at about 70mph tops, so any physical impact on the UK is over a week away. Don't let that stop you putting out a fear story: it always works for the Mail! Gas and power stay on is a pretty boring story, however true! Emphasis on a story like this allows gas traders and suppliers to postpone the promised price cuts. But why the sympathy for Ukraine? If I don't pay my gas bill it gets cut off and I don't go looking for plots or someone other than myself to blame. If Europe is impacted at all by this it is because of the irresponsible actions of Ukraine surely?
Gas Guru, London

There has been news in Romania that because of the gas being cut (we get it from Russia through Ukraine) bills will rise much more because the quantity we produce is not enough (40% of the gas comes from outside, mostly Russia)
Valeriu Stanciu, Bucharest

Unfortunately it is clear that improving the situation in Ukraine is not profitable either to Yuschenko or to Tymoshenko. Presidential elections are coming and as always it is easier to start their campaigns by blaming each other. Well, another gas row is very valuable ...
Dmitry, Kiev, Ukraine

I am very glad about the correct decision to stop gas supplies if there is no payment. It is a free market.
Vladimir Kalashnikov, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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