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Berlin's polar bear: Your comments

As Berlin Zoo's popular bear, Knut, prepares to celebrate his second birthday this week, many of his fans are unhappy that he could be moved to another zoo within months.

Under a contract Neumuenster Zoo is entitled to receive Knut but his fans are urging the authorities to keep him.

Many visitors from around the world have visited him in Berlin since he was born in 2006.

The following is a selection of the comments we have received from BBC News website readers:

I have been to the zoo and seen Knut grow. I have met his keeper, who tragically died earlier this year and it would be a sad loss if Knut were to go! Nigel, Berlin, Germany

I am really sad that the sweet polar bear Knut leave our town? It's very stupid from zoo director! I want to see Knut in Berlin for ever. Jonathan, Berlin, Germany

I was at the Berlin Zoo this summer and saw him. He looked so sad and alone in his enclosure. I don't know if taking him away would upset him or not, but he does need another polar bear to keep him company. Rachael, Philadelphia, United States

I was in the Berlin Zoo in September. The Polar Bear that we saw was very institutionalised. It was a very sad sight. We observed it for about 10 minutes and moved in the same circling pattern for this entire period. It was very difficult to watch. I would hate to return to the Berlin Zoo in years to come and see the same fate happen to Knut. Al, Dublin

Last year in December 2007, I visited the Berlin zoo, especially to see Knut. To see him was a marvellous experience. However, I have felt sad to see Knut in the zoo, all alone, with no other bears around him. He also seemed very addicted to the public's attention; he was constantly followed by a camera. How stressful the life of a polar bear can be! Trui, Ghent -Belgium

We saw Knut in his large enclosure last May and enjoyed the sight of him diving into his pool for a meal of lamb shoulder, bread rolls, fish and fruit. Berlin zoo is a wonderful place, as zoos go, where the animals and birds enjoy excellent conditions. I wonder if a smaller and presumably less prestigious - maybe less well funded - zoo can equal these conditions. Claire, Nottingham, UK

This is absolutely shocking! This poor bear has generated massive amounts of money for the Berlin Zoo. Then, when times are tough, they just want to uproot the poor creature and get rid of him! Since they were obviously aware of the needs of a growing polar bear prior to the credit crunch, where are the earmarked funds to maintain him? If they evict Knut, I will make sure never to go to the Berlin Zoo! Elizabeth, London

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