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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 October 2007, 01:49 GMT 02:49 UK
Czech parents to exchange babies
Two Czech couples whose babies were mixed up after hospital births 10 months ago have met to prepare for an exchange of their children.

The apparent hospital error came to light after one father thought his daughter did not resemble him.

DNA tests proved that neither he nor his wife could be the parents. The other couple is now also being tested.

The two couples are planning to sue the hospital, which has launched an inquiry to determine how the mix-up occurred.

Nikola and Veronika were both born on 9 December last year in a clinic in Trebic, 165km (100 miles) south of the Czech capital, Prague.

But several months after his daughter's birth, Libor Broza had a DNA test, because he thought Nikola did not look like him. The test was negative.

Tests on his partner Jaroslava Trojanova also showed that she could not be the mother.

Last week the couple met Jan and Jaroslava Cermak and their daughter Veronika.

The Cermaks are also having tests done, but already both couples have agreed to swap their daughters before the end of the year.

"Of course, we are happy, but on the other hand, we also feel terrible," Jaroslava Trojanova told Czech radio.

The police are investigating the case, and the hospital has launched an inquiry into what it called a "regrettable case".

Mr Broza and Ms Trojanova plan to seek Kc10m ($510,000) in damages.

A child psychologist who is working with the couples in the run-up to their baby exchange said it would be more difficult for the mothers to cope than for the children.

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