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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 March 2007, 18:42 GMT
Reward over Athens embassy attack
The US embassy in Athens
No one was injured in the attack on the US embassy in Athens
Greece and the US have both offered rewards of $1m (510,000) for information leading to arrests over a grenade attack on the US embassy.

An extreme left-wing group called Revolutionary Struggle said it was behind the attack in January.

A grenade, fired from street level into the front of the embassy, caused minor damage but no-one was injured.

The group said it had carried out other attacks on Greek targets, including the culture minister.

The embassy attack was in response to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it added.

Relocation offer

The Greek authorities have said they view Revolutionary Struggle as a successor to the November 17 group, whose leaders were captured and convicted in 2002 after a campaign of violence lasting nearly three decades.

The US embassy in Athens promised relocation to anyone who provided information on Revolutionary Struggle that led to arrests over the 12 January attack.

The Greek interior ministry said its $1m reward would go "to whoever gives information leading to the dismantling of the Revolutionary Struggle organisation".

The Greeks and the Americans both promised informants would be kept anonymous.

An investigation by the Greek police into the attack has not led to any arrests and Greek media have been critical of its conduct.

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