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Last Updated: Saturday, 14 October 2006, 12:12 GMT 13:12 UK
Muslim clerics reach out to Pope
Pope Benedict XVI. File photo
The Pope has said he regrets the offence caused to Muslims
An open letter to the Pope from 38 top Muslim clerics in various countries accepts his expressions of regret for his controversial speech on Islam.

But the lengthy letter carried on the website of Islamica magazine also points out "errors" and "mistakes" in the Pope's speech.

The clerics' letter is due to be passed to the Vatican on Sunday.

Pope Benedict sparked an uproar in September by quoting a mediaeval text which linked Islam to violence.

He has not apologised for the speech delivered in Regensburg, Germany, but said he regretted the offence it had caused among Muslims.

The clerics, who come from Bosnia, Croatia, Egypt, Jordan, Kosovo, Oman, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Iran, say they accept the Pope's "unprecedented personal expression of sorrow".

Islamica magazine, which is based in Los Angeles, said the letter would be handed over to the papal nuncio in Jordan on Sunday.

Pope Benedict is scheduled to go to Turkey at the end of November, but the uproar over his Regensburg speech raised a cloud over the visit.

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