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Hungarian PM emulates Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant and Ferenc Gyurcsany (Pics: Getty (L) and AFP)
Video stars: Hugh Grant and Ferenc Gyurcsany

It may have been a stretch for some to see Hugh Grant playing the British prime minister, as he does in the movie Love Actually.

Hungarians may be finding it a greater stretch to see their prime minister playing Hugh Grant.

In a wedding video gift to a spokesman, PM Ferenc Gyurcsany does a star turn as Grant, jigging around his room to Jump (For My Love) by the Pointer Sisters.

"The scene surprised us," said the government spokesman, Andras Batiz.

New Year tradition

The clip starts with a scene from the film in which Hugh Grant, as the British prime minister, rises from his bed and walks, back turned, to his window.

Cut, with no great effort at continuity, to a rear shot of another man, whose shoulders then start to wiggle to the Pointer Sisters' tune.

Turning to the camera, Mr Gyurcsany then performs a short windmilling jig.

"The scene even surprised us who meet the prime minister daily and obviously know him in a way most people don't," Mr Batiz wrote on his website.

Mr Gyurcsany says in a blog diary on a youth website the video was made as a wedding gift to Mr Batiz.

"It has been a habit for quite a few years with my friends that we watch a Hugh Grant movie on New Year's Eve, more precisely at dawn on New Year's Day, either Notting Hill or Love Actually," Mr Gyurcsany says.

Mr Gyurcsany, 44, became prime minister in September 2004. He is gearing up for a general election on 9 April.

Mr Batiz told the BBC News website that the video was "just a private matter - a present for a close colleague".

He said some of his friends wanted to surprise him with the video on his wedding day because he and his wife were big fans of Love Actually. The clip was shot in three minutes in Mr Gyurcsany's office.

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