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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 May, 2005, 07:45 GMT 08:45 UK
Full text: Galloway response
Respect MP George Galloway
George Galloway strenuously denies the claims against him
A US Senate committee says British MP George Galloway was granted potentially lucrative oil allocations by Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Mr Galloway issued this statement to deny the allegations:

It's Groundhog Day again.

These are the same false allegations which are still the subject of a libel action with the Daily Telegraph (so far I'm 1.6m [$3m] up).

This is a lickspittle Republican committee, acting on the wishes of George W Bush.

Isn't it strange - and contrary to natural justice you might think - that I have written and e-mailed repeatedly asking for the opportunity to appear before the committee to provide evidence and rebut their assumptions and they have yet to respond, while apparently making a judgement.

Why am I not surprised?

Let me repeat. I have never traded in a barrel of oil, or any vouchers for it.

I have never seen a barrel of oil apart from the one the Sun deposited in my front garden. And no one has acted on my behalf, trading in oil - Middle Eastern, olive, patchouli or other! - or in vouchers, whatever they are.

Listen to George Galloway respond to the report's claims

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