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Last Updated: Friday, 2 September 2005, 17:09 GMT 18:09 UK
TV quiz to help Norwegian voters
Screen grab of test
Help for indecisive Norwegians (Pic: NRK)
Indecisive Norwegian voters are being offered help from national broadcaster NRK in the form of a Test the Nation television programme.

Choosing may appear a daunting task, with at least nine parties poised to get into parliament this month.

Rather than gauging IQ or pop music trivia, the television show aims to help the audience decide which party they most closely agree with.

The channel's website calls it "a golden opportunity" for voters.

Farmers and directors

Recent surveys suggest Norway might see the current minority conservative coalition government ousted in favour of a new left-labour-centrist coalition. However, the outcome of the 12 September poll is far from certain.

Based on the BBC's Test the Nation format, the NRK show will feature 270 panellists in the studio, with viewers participating at home, via mobile phone and online.

The panellists are divided into six groups, including female farmers, company directors, religious leaders and men sporting Norway's most common name of Jan Johansen.

"It'll be exciting to see if the myths of dairy maids voting centrist and directors voting conservative will be confirmed or rejected," presenter Nadia Hasnaoui told the broadcaster's website.

"It is very interesting to see if the party you've always voted for actually stands for what you think it does."

Big questions

The issues contestants are asked to consider include "Norway should be a republic" and "Church and state should be separated".

The statements have been devised by academics and their wording has been screened by the political parties.

If reaching a decision should still prove too taxing, however, the national broadcaster is also prepared to help voters relax.

Its website offers a special online election Sudoku, where the nine main party logos are used to complete the grid.

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