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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 January 2005, 04:01 GMT
Woman jailed for haunting house
Halloween mask
Unexpected intrusions drove the owner to call in the police
An Austrian man who came to believe his estate was haunted has found relief after a court jailed the ghost.

Echoing footsteps in hallways and slamming doors late at night had made the owner increasingly jittery.

He called in the police, who captured a 42-year-old Polish woman on video, masquerading as a ghost over a period of weeks, making mysterious noises.

She was jailed for four months. Her husband was employed by the owner, and some unexplained grievance haunted her.

She was convicted on nuisance charges, Austrian television reported.

But it was unclear what had motivated her to begin her campaign of ghostly disquiet at her husband's employer's property.

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